Drama and music club started this year march .The club is doing well and with very disciplined members who even went further and came up with the method of kamweretho meaning it will not easily die or end .Last first because of some delays here and there we could not present our school during festivals but we managed to invite Green Park Group which said nothing apart from good , good and extra good work. We expect to do more than what Green Park saw last term.


This is a music festival term and our school is ready with a song which will be presented this Saturday at Nairobi and therefore teachers and parents lets all give them support & prays as they progress.
Its through competition that one knows who he/she is and I therefore urge the students in the club to use this chance because this is one of the important activities that even end up creating jobs 4 our students.
All the drama members say there is no mountain too to climb and therefore sticks to our motto believe you can.



Drama students
drama club

 Drama students practising the play

 The play in sesion

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