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The school was started in 1995, with the plan of helping the Eburru community since there was no school around. Students had to walk for about 6 kilometers to and from school. The school went on for a number of years and was then closed down due to lack of adequate facilities. In 2002 one member of the community felt the need of having the school running, he took the initiative of starting up the school once again. He got support from the community at large and the school was registered the same year. From the there school has gotten a lot of support from individuals, donors, well wishers and the government.
The school is a member of Trust for African Schools (TAS), a British organization that helps raise the standards of African schools.
The school is also under a global partnership with Langley Park School for Girls (lpgs) in London. Under the partnership there is usually an exchange program where teachers from our eburru school visit lpgs and those from lpgs visit Eburru every once a year.

 class in session with lpgs teacher

 A class in session with one of the lpgs teachers

The school also gets support from the Heritage group of hotels and the Green park community.
The school has improved tremendously, producing one student with an A- in last year’s KCSE exams. The schools mean also improved and it is now amongst the best schools in Gilgil District.

Long live eburru Secondary School !!!!!!

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